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Home Vacuum Sealer VS105


Vacuum sealer

The Packaging Centre VS105 home vacuum sealer effectively removes air and extends the freshness of perishable food for up to five times longer than other preservation methods. Keep food fresher for longer in your refrigerator, freezer or pantry - no more freezer burn!

Perfect for the home kitchen, caravan, boat or office, VS100 is one of the most reliable home vacuum sealing systems available.

Our VS105 home vacuum sealer can be used to preserve and organise household items like keepsakes, small toys and easy-to-lose items. We're confident it's so versatile and convenient it will never leave your bench top.

Please note: The Packaging Centre VS105 home vacuum sealer is compatible with all products from our "home vacuum products" section, including channel rolls and pre-cut bags. It is not NOT compatible with products from our "commercial vacuum products" section.

  • fully automatic vacuum system
  • LED lights to indicate sealing progress
  • splash-proof operation panel
  • extra wide Sealing strip
  • power cord hideaway under machine
  • compact and lightweight
  • 90 day warranty

What this includes:

1 x VS105 vacuum sealer (white)

1 x instruction manual


Machine specifications:

Technical Data
Power: 110W 220-240V 50Hz
Dimensions: 39x16x8.5cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 1.9 kg


Maximum bag width: 310mm

Seal width: 2mm

Pump Vacuum: -21inHg (-711mBar)

What is the difference between VS105  and VS603 vacuum sealers? 

The VS105 is an intermediate vacuum sealer for more frequent domestic use.

The VS603 is a semi professional model, great for small production and the user who needs a machine to handle bigger jobs.