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Sous Vide Cooking

How does it work?
Sous vide is used to cook food at low temperature - usually the temperature it's served at. Sous vide cooking is done in our vacuum sealed bags in low temperature water or controlled temperature water. TV shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules have brought sous vide into the spotlight and it has become extremely popular. Sous vide is the key behind juicy perfectly cooked steaks in many restaurants you may have been to.   

We have a range of vacuum sealer bags for sous vide cooking in our Home Vacuum Sealer Section Sous Vide 100 micron can be used at temperatures up to 100-110 degrees celsius. In our Commercial Vacuum Products - Sous Vide 70 micron and 100 micron do the same.

How do I choose which bags to use?
You will need a vacuum sealer to use these bags. If you have a domestic machine we recommend using bags from our Home Vacuum Sealer Products - Sous Vide section. If you have a commercial vacuum sealer you will need bags from Commercial Vacuum Products - Sous Vide section.